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While most injuries suffered at day care centers are minor bumps and bruises, we at Laura L. Rybicki, LLC, occasionally hear from a parent whose child has suffered serious harm. Nothing is more frightening for a parent than to be called to an emergency room because their child has been hurt while in someone else’s care.

As parents, we count on day care centers to provide loving care and attention for our children while we are at work. When our child suffers abuse or neglect instead, the operators of the facility can be held responsible. Our Northwest Indiana premises liability attorneys represent families in Lake County, Porter County and throughout northern Indiana whose children have been injured in day care centers.

Negligence in Day Care Injuries

Day care centers have a legal duty to reasonably operate, maintain and supervise their facilities to provide a safe environment for children. In Indiana, licensed day care centers are required to follow special rules and building codes that are designed to keep children from harm. Unfortunately, day care centers are businesses, and some place profits above the health and safety of children. Here are some examples of day care negligence:

  • Understaffing leading to a lack of supervision
  • Failure to properly screen employees
  • Physical and sexual abuse of children
  • Broken equipment which results in serious injury or death
  • Failure to respond to medical emergencies
  • Failure to maintain the structure in a safe condition, resulting in injury to children
  • Failure to monitor children for abuse or bullying
  • Allowing children to wander off the premises

If your child was injured at a day care center, we offer a free initial consultation to answer your questions and explain your rights. If we think you have a case against the day care center, we will help you file personal injury lawsuit on behalf of your child against the facility.

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