Lake and Porter County Rear End Collision Lawyers

While your car’s bumper is designed to withstand collisions, your body is not. Rear-end collisions can cause serious injuries to your neck and spine that affect you for months or years after your accident. But without extensive damage to your vehicle, it often takes a lawyer’s help to convince an insurance company that your injuries are real.

At Laura L. Rybicki, LLC, in St. John, our Northwest Indiana car accident attorneys represent victims of rear end collisions in Lake County, Porter County and throughout northern Indiana. We offer a free initial consultation to explain your rights and options.

Liability, Vehicle Damage and Personal Injury

Rear end collisions are usually caused by distracted drivers. The driver who struck you from behind is likely to be at fault.

While liability is typically not an issue is rear-end collisions, proving the extent of your injuries can be, especially if your vehicle did not suffer extensive damage. Insurance companies often argue that if a vehicle did not suffer serious damage, the occupants could not have suffered serious injuries.

To document your injuries, it’s important to seek proper medical care and to follow your doctor’s treatment plan for your recovery. Our experience as former insurance defense attorneys helps us determine what is important to proving damages and negotiating with insurance companies. If the insurance company is not willing to pay you a fair amount, we are willing and able to try the case in court.

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For More Information About Rear-End Car Accidents

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